Looking for new ways to save money this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks to help save you money on your bills during the summer months.

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  • Turn your air conditioner off when you are not at home. Save money by either turning your air conditioning off or up whenever you leave your home. Use fans to keep your home cool while you are away.
  • Air dry your laundry. If you can’t air dry or line dry your laundry, try lowering the heat setting on your dryer to avoid extra heat getting into your home.
  • Have a cook-out. To avoid heating up your home by using the stove or the oven, try cooking outside on the grill. This could be a great way to get the whole family outside and enjoy the summer.
  • Plan a outdoor adventure. Instead of spending time inside or watching TV in the evenings, take an a trip outside to enjoy summertime activities to save money on electricity. Activities could include going on a walk or bike ride, planning a picnic, visiting Scott Lake, or taking a trip to one of the many parks our area has to offer.
  • Replace your air conditioner filter. An easy way to save on your energy bill is to change your air conditioner filter to decrease cooling costs. Dirty air filters restrict the flow of air through your air conditioner making for more run time and higher cooling costs.
  • Check your home for any cracks or openings. Why is this important? Finding cracks or openings in your insulation lets air leak in or out of your home, costing you more money. Caulking and weather-stripping are easy and effective ways to seal your home.
  • Block out the sun with curtains and blinds. By blocking out the sun from getting into your home can help you save energy.
  • Take advantage of summer evenings. When the air starts to get cooler in the evenings, open your windows to take advantage of the natural ventilation.