How to Create Goals in Online Banking

Security State Bank’s online banking has many resources to use for different aspects of your finances. One of these is a tool called “Goals”. With Goals, you can set up a target of how much money you would like to save for whatever you would like to save for!


Here is how to set up Goals:

  1. Log into online banking
  2. To access these tiles, you first have to find the column that says “enroll in single view” then select get started. This allows you to set goals, create a budget and view your net worth.
  3. Find the goal tile on the view accounts tab, then select add a new goal.
  4. Choose from the various options to what fits your needs.
  5. You can now select how much you want to save for and when you want to save your money by.
  6. You can choose to set up alerts to know when you reach certain percentages toward your goal.

You’re done! Create as many goals as you need with Security State Bank’s online banking!

Click here for a step by step tutorial on financial goals.