At most banks, a debit card is just a convenient piece of plastic. Sign up for a free checking account and use your card to earn even more rewards!


  • Earn rewards just for using your debit card
  • Make purchases around the globe and online anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Faster and easier than writing checks
  • Make withdrawals, transfers, inquiries, and deposits (where allowed) at ATMs
  • Cut the cost of ordering checks
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • Authorization process limits your risk for lost or stolen cards
  • Easily track expenses
    • Receive receipts for every transaction
    • Each transaction appears on your monthly statement
  • We have 7 different styles of debit cards for your choice
7 debit card images to choose from



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Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Please call (620) 872-7224 during normal business hours.

Lost or Stolen Card
Contact (620) 872-7224 during regular business hours. Contact (620) 874-9082 after normal business hours.


How do I make a signature based-transaction using my debit card?

Select credit when paying at the gas pump or purchasing over the telephone. Choose credit card for online purchases, and use the credit option (not debit) when paying for your purchase at a store.